Bilderberg Group Meets in Germany to Discuss How to Stop Donald Trump

If you don’t know much about the Bilderberg Group and their annual ultra-secret meeting, there is a wealth of information about it on the Internet and on our site here that can be found by simply searching for the name.  For the purposes of this article, we assume you at least have a foundational knowledge of what Bilderberg is.

Bilderberg converges on Germany.
Bilderberg converges on Germany.

This year’s meeting is now underway in Dresden, Germany, and we all know that speculation about what is going on inside this building is even more electric in a presidential election year.  Many people will be searching to find out if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are in attendance at the big meeting, and whether that might signal what we might see in November.

Well, that’s not exactly how it works.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would not be in attendance this year even if either of them were Bilderberg’s chosen one because it is the actual election campaign time and it would bring unnecessary attention to Bilderberg if they were in attendance.  Basically, because they are both so visible on the campaign trail circuit, it would be very hard to conceal their attendance.  Furthermore, the decision isn’t made this close to the election.  Hillary Clinton has been Bilderberg’s candidate ever since Barack Obama took office.  This was decided.  It is the reason that she was never worried about Bernie Sanders and the reason she is not the slightest bit flustered about a potential FBI indictment.  She is worried about Donald Trump, and Bilderberg is too.

Yes, reports from the inside indicate that a major conversation piece at this year’s Bilderberg meeting is how to stop Donald Trump.  They have put their collective muscle behind Hillary, but not even Bilderberg foresaw the rise of Trump.  Bilderberg probably expected (like Hillary) someone from the Republican establishment to rise to the top of the more than 17 original candidates, offer up a wimpy fight to Hillary, and then succumb graciously.  That was what was supposed to happen.  Trump is Bilderberg’s worst nightmare.  A guy that is powerful enough in his own right that he apparently doesn’t need Bilderberg behind him.  A guy with enough money that they can’t really buy him.  A guy like that is not supposed to ever get this far, and that is why the elite are troubled.  They are going have to throw out all of their usual playbooks to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t end up in the White House.

But I thought Bilderberg fixes the election anyway, you say?  That’s an excellent point.  Bilderberg is often thought to “choose” the President.  That’s not really true.  The voters choose the President.  Bilderberg’s collective money and power makes it so that whoever they choose to get behind almost always wins.  They are the reason that one candidate might rise from nowhere and end up President in a very short time (think Barack Obama).  So, they do fix the election, but not by actually rigging the election.  They fix it by using their power to influence it.  And that’s good news.  It means that fundamentally, Americans still have the ability to change things on their own for now.  While you may or may not approve of Donald Trump politically or morally, the fact that he is the Republican nominee against Bilderberg’s wishes is an unbelievable glimmer of hope showing that American voters can still uproot the one-party two-party system if they band together.  Unfortunately, enough people are still falling for the divisive system at hand so that Bilderberg can still heavily influence things.

It’s nice to see Bilderberg running scared.  If Trump does win, and he does continue to turn his back on their agenda, they will soon be discussing more sinister options, but for now, they are worried about Trump, and they are finding that there might not be all that much they can do about it.

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