Boys in the Girls’ Room? Transgender Debate Conceals Something Much More Sinister

It’s a classic case of “while you were sleeping.” America is embroiled in a debate that can only be described as senseless. And that doesn’t even depend on which side of the issue you fall. That issue is, of course, whether people, specifically transgenders, should use the restroom associated with their physical sex or the one they identify with in their minds. The progressive side says they should be able to use whichever restroom they like. The conservative side says why can’t we just keep going with the penises in this room and vaginas in this room. It did seem to be a pretty efficient system for centuries, but once again, what difference does it make?

They know how to push Americans' buttons.
They know how to push Americans’ buttons.

Of course, we are seeing extremes in the debate. Conservatives claim child molesters and hormone-crazed teenagers will use transgender rights as an excuse to gain access to the other bathroom to commit atrocities. Progressives claim that transgenders will somehow be maimed emotionally by having to go in a bathroom that doesn’t suit them. In the meantime, American everywhere on both sides of the issue are mad, angry, and tired of the other side pushing a different way of life on them. And yes, that works perfectly for both sides. And there it is. That’s where we come to the title of this article.
In the very midst of the transgender location of urination debate, our government has very publicly acknowledged one of the greatest conspiracies of our time. With the debating of law on the floors of Congress allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for damages, our government is outright acknowledging that they did purposely and sinisterly cover up this nation’s involvement in this world-changing act of terror that continues to affect each and every one of us every single day all these years later. Let that sink in for a moment. Publicly. Right in your face, they are saying that we knew they were in on it. We decided that our relationship with them economically was more important, and that going to war with them over the death of a few thousand Americans was just not worth it. Why not just overlook their involvement?
But wait. It gets more sinister. Not only did they cover up Saudi Arabia’s involvement, but remember Afghanistan? Democrats all over America frequently criticize the Iraq War and blame George W. Bush for all sorts of war crimes and treachery. You never hear anyone criticizing the decision to invade Afghanistan for absolutely no reason at all. What’s more, we did not invade or even impose sanctions on the country that actually was in on it.

Spending our time in all the wrong places.
Spending our time in all the wrong places.

We often talk about on Common Sense Conspiracy how conspiracy theorists get dragged through the mud by the mainstream media. Just like when Edward Snowden revealed that conspiracy theorists had been right all along about domestic surveillance, this is another example of it turning out that the conspiracy “nuts” were right all along. The government isn’t even hiding it any longer. They covered up the truth behind 9/11.
Where’s the outrage? Where’s the protests? Where is the anger? It’s standing outside your local Target because they let transgenders go in the other restroom. It’s standing outside a Donald Trump rally. Checkmate. The government knows exactly what they are doing, and they draped that wool over your eyes again. It’s time for Americans to wake up, no matter which restroom they are using.

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