Ted Cruz and John Kasich Should Be Tried for Treason Against the United States of America

A sensationalistic article title? Well, yeah, you got us on that one, but it’s time to just come out and tell the truth here. First, let’s set the stage with all of the standard disclaimers. Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we have made it abundantly clear our position on the 2016 election. It’s quite simple. All the candidates are terrible in their own way, and none of them have anything but keeping the corrupt system in place first on their hearts. This includes supposed “insurgent” candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. We have long held the position that America’s two-party system is really a one-party system. Illusion of choice. We are certainly not Donald Trump supporters, and in other articles on this site, you can see how we feel that this election cycle more than any other before demonstrates that your vote really doesn’t count.

What we did just made President Obama look like a war hero.
What we did just made President Obama look like a war hero.

Having said all of that, Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s public announcement that they will be joining forces to stop Donald Trump from getting the magical number of delegates he needs to secure the Republican nomination is nothing short of treason against the American people. Backroom dealings in politics is nothing new. We all know that behind the scenes, deals get made, and people step aside to get something they want later down the road. But this is not backroom dealings. This is two politicians who have been turned down by American voters again and again saying they are going to pool their resources and purposely throw elections in favor of the other to stop the one that American voters selected. And they are pompous enough to announce it publicly and act like they are doing everyone a huge favor.
Is Donald Trump a good choice for the nominee? Who knows? We would say decidedly not, but the point is that at Common Sense Conspiracy, we believe in central philosophy that the person that gets the most votes ought to win, even if we are scratching our heads about it. For example, in the 2000 election, Al Gore should have won the presidency, not because of the lawsuits or because George W. Bush turned out to be such a bust, but because he won the popular vote. The popular vote should decide. All the delegates, superdelegates, and second ballots at contested conventions are just devices put into place by the political parties to circumvent the will of the people.
The only way there should ever be a contested convention is if the top two candidates are exactly tied.
It should be noted that we are not just picking on one party here; the Democratic Party has the same but slightly different system in place to do the same. Bernie Sanders basically can’t win because it was rigged by so-called superdelegates from the outset. It remains to be seen whether he would have beat Hillary without them, but he will most definitely lose with them in the picture, and that is just another way of fixing the system. To their credit, however, they are not publicly announcing to the people their intentions. What Ted Cruz and John Kasich did yesterday is treason against the people of the United States of America. They should be tried and convicted for the crime of treason because what they are doing is an outright and admitted betrayal of every citizen of the United States of America. The trial should be pretty easy and straightforward since they have both publicly already recognized their crime. It threatens the very foundations of our country, and is absolutely spitting on the will of the American people, whether or not we agree that the will of the American people was ever really in play to begin with.

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