2016 Election Proves Once and For All That Your Vote Does Not Matter — Wake Up America!

Regardless of how you feel about either of these men's politics, they both have served a tremendous purpose in revealing the corruption at play in America's electoral process.
Regardless of how you feel about either of these men’s politics, they both have served a tremendous purpose in revealing the corruption at play in America’s electoral process.

If you frequent Common Sense Conspiracy, you probably already know that a common theme here is that the supposed two-party political system in America is really just a one-party system divided into factions to keep the people under control and thinking they have a real say in matters when in reality they don’t at all. It also is a perfect system for making it near impossible for a third party to rise because the government has done such an incredible job of forcing all of use to identify as one party or the other in the two-party system. Even people that are awake and realize what was just stated above still generally side with one side or the other to some degree. Like gender or religion, it’s just one of those things that everyone leans one way or the other, even if you are enlightened enough to realize that all roads lead to the same slaughterhouse. While we have always put forth that theory here at the CSC, a lot of times there wasn’t a lot of concrete proof. Well, enter the election of 2016. If you are still walking around in the dark, people, there’s not anything else we can do to help you.
The election of 2016 is the most blatant showing that votes don’t matter ever perpetuated by our government. And it’s on BOTH sides. Hillary Clinton is only smashing insurgent Bernie Sanders because of “superdelegates,” something the average voter didn’t even know existed a few months ago. These superdelegates are simply delegates that don’t have to side with the way the people vote. Basically, they exist to stop someone like Bernie Sanders. The people vote, and if they start seeing that an insurgent candidate is inspiring too many folks and getting a little too close for comfort, they let the superdelegates into the wild. The mainstream media reports on it, and soon the general public is being told about the insurmountable lead that Hillary has, which consists of hundreds of delegates that chose not to side with the people. On the other side of the fence, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both personify what we’ve been saying about America’s election process for all these years. Neither candidate may get to the magical number of 1237 delegates required to claim the Republican nomination outright. Now, a sensible person would assume that the one that was closest to 1237 would still probably be chosen. Nope. Instead, a bunch of political blowhards decide who they want, and they can pick literally anyone under the sun at this stage and just throw them into the nomination.
Your vote doesn’t matter. The two-party system is fixing the game. Whether or not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders’ politics appeal to you, they both have served a very important purpose. They have both forced the establishment of both political parties to go to extraordinary means to stop them from getting into office. They forced them to go to Plan B and Plan C even, and this is great because it should make their intentions more obvious, hopefully inspiring more people to wake up and realize what is happening. It also shows how angry some Americans are on both sides of the fence. They actually voted insurgent candidates enough to force all of these desperate measures to hold onto power. Now, if they will only continue to get more angry so that maybe one day we will have a viable non-establishment candidate that really could “make America great again.”