The Demonization of Donald Trump Looks an Awful Lot Like the Demonization of Barack Obama

As a young Senator from Illinois came seemingly out of nowhere back in 2008, the Republicans started to do those crazy, silly tactics that every Democrat accuses them of. They said he was a Socialist (mostly right, although Bernie Sanders would make everyone take a second to reconsider what that title meant), they said he was a thug.

Have we seen this movie before, America?
Have we seen this movie before, America?

They even said he was the anti-christ. He had to have some kind of black magic on his side to derail the well-known Hillary Clinton machine, a loss she is still recoiling from eight years later. Soon-to-be President Barack Obama was demonized by the Republicans.
They attacked his wife. They said she was ugly (which makes no sense because she is probably the hottest First Lady ever behind only Jackie Onassis-Kennedy). They said she was a racist. They said he was a dictator, a king if you will. All this while passing fewer executive orders than his predecessors. They attacked him with all sorts of ridiculous logic, spitting hatred that so many people blamed on racism. Yes, if you didn’t like Barack Obama, you were some kind of racist.
Well, in 2016, what is the excuse of the Democratic Party?
The liberal-controlled media has attacked Donald Trump with the same veracity and ridiculousness as Barack Obama was attacked in 2008. They have compared him to Adolf Hitler. They have said that the rallies he holds are akin to both rallies by the Nazi Party in Germany and Klu Klux Klan rallies in the 1960s or whenever atrocities like that were held. Heck, the Democrats would probably promote the idea that Donald Trump was the anti-christ, but most of them don’t believe in Christ to begin with, so it’s kind of a moot point.
The demonization of Donald Trump looks an awful lot like the demonization of Barack Obama. And what does it prove? I know you might get tired of our message, but we have no choice to keep

Well, there it is.
Well, there it is.

repeating it until something changes. It proves that, once again, America’s so-called two-party system is really a one-party system. Any Democrat probably called Republicans nutcases for the things they said about Barack Obama in 2008 (and pretty much every minute after that). And yet, they do not denounce what is happening right now with Trump; they embrace it. Because that is how the two-party one-party system works. Demonization of one side or the other is their speciality. Meanwhile, ostracization is what they really are practicing. Anyone with sense enough to see through their hijinks is written off as a nutcase, a tin-foil hat wearer, a conspiracy theorist, or, in the case of conservatives, a Christian. All for the noble cause of keeping their power structure in place, because God forbid the American people wake up, absolve themselves of their divisions, and realize that it’s time for a new revolution. And not the one that Bernie Sanders is advocating, by the way.

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