Could the Supreme Court Justice to Replace Scalia Be President Obama?

obama supreme courtIt doesn’t get more conspiratorial than this.  With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia today at the tender age of 79, many are wondering what this means.  More specifically, Republicans are vehemently calling for President Obama to do the “right” thing and step aside, allowing the lifetime appointment to be resolved by the next President of the United States.  Of course, when they say that, they are hoping against hope that next president will be a Republican, and can therefore appoint another super-conservative like Scalia to the bench.

The reality is that it wouldn’t make any sense for President Obama to do such a thing.  First of all, it’s a golden opportunity to claim a major victory for his political party, and everyone knows that claiming a victory for your political party should trump everything in  politics in the United States of America.  Also, there would be no precedent.  No other president has ever stepped aside, no matter how much the Republicans might like to convince that this is the prudent and honest thing to do.  But what if President Obama did relent, granting the Republicans their way?  What if he agreed to pass this thing off to the next man (or woman) down the line?

And what if that person happened to be one former Senator and Secretary of State named Hillary Clinton?  I mean, he can always just pardon her for her forthcoming legal issues, paving the way for her to be the first female POTUS.  Her competition, Crazy Bernie, scares anyone with the slightest ray of common sense, so she would appear to be a clear choice.  And then, as her first move as commander-in-chief, Hillary appoints old Barry as a lifetime Supreme Court Justice, allowing him to take his executive orders to a whole new level.

Be careful what you wish for, Republicans.  It could be that you are getting played.

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