Why the Vice President Running Mates May Be Very Very Important in 2016’s Election?

With the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses just around the corner, the race for the White House in 2016 is really heating up. On both sides of the one-party system that masquerades as a two-party system the competition is fierce. It once seemed a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton would coast to the Democratic nomination, but dark horse Bernie Sanders has closed the gaps in

President Trump might get fired.
President Trump might get fired.

polls dramatically. Pair that with Hillary’s ongoing legal crisis regarding emails and private servers, and it’s not nearly as crazy to think that the self-proclaimed socialist could steal the nomination from Hillary again, Obama-style. On the other side of the aisle you have the completely dysfunctional Republican race where Donald Trump is the even more unlikely frontrunner, and may very well not even be a Republican. The second-place contender is facing a birth certificate debate (also Obama-style), and no one else is even making a splash, so we could see one of the craziest elections of all time.

Bernie is not for sale, but it might cost him dearly.
Bernie is not for sale, but it might cost him dearly.

Trump versus Sanders would be interesting in a lot of ways. For one, it would mark the first time that neither establishment got its way. The Republican Party has made no bones about how bad it wants Trump to go away, and everyone expected him to sooner or later stumble. He has not. Sanders is much the same. The establishment Democratic Party sees Hillary as the clear heir to Obama’s throne (and we mean that literally, not figuratively), and Sanders is just as unpalatable to them as Trump is to their counterparts. And yet, neither of the candidates if they clinch the nomination may be remotely as important as those that they choose for their veep.
Usually, the vice presidential candidates are an afterthought. Yes, they might bring in more support from their states or own fanbase, but more often than not, they go the way of Joe Biden and Dan Quayle, never amounting to much but the guy that stands behind the President of the United States. A notable exception is Dick Cheney, probably the most powerful and influential Vice President the United States has ever seen (and not in a good way, unfortunately). But this year’s veep candidates could be unbelievably critical because never have we seen two candidates more likely to be assassinated should they win the presidency.
Take Trump first. He has more enemies than we could possibly name. There are so many people that might want to go after him if he were President, and you can’t even narrow it down to one political side, one race, or one religion. He has haters of every shade out there, and if he institutes half of the wild things he has said he is going to do, he will only gain more quickly. There is an excellent chance that someone out there might decide that the Donald has to go, putting his vice president suddenly with the keys to the lock of the most powerful machine in the world.
As bad as it might look for a President Trump, Bernie Sanders may have it even worse. A President Sanders may very well be the next

The shadow government doesn't take people like Trump and Sanders lightly.
The shadow government doesn’t take people like Trump and Sanders lightly.

John F. Kennedy, going against the grain of a governmental system that exists first and foremost to promote its own survival. Never mind outside threats; a President Sanders will face assassination from within in the kind of conspiracy that will keep this website running for years to come. Sanders has that kind of personality to rock the boat the way those in the shadows don’t like to see it rocked. Add in his disdain for Wall Street, Big Oil, and Big Pharma, and you might have people literally lining up to try to take out President Sanders. He’s a dead man walking if he wins the election, and the CIA probably already has the plans drawn up just in case. So, as you can see, if Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, his running mate will be critical, because there is an excellent chance that that person will be President before it is all over. And God forbid he choose Hillary as his running mate. She might just kill him herself.
So, as you mull over who you might vote for in the election (assuming you still believe in that whole process, which is another story), keep in mind that you might be voting more for the second man or woman than the first, because President Trump and President Sanders may have a definitive expiration date should they reach the highest office in the land.