Please Please Stop Giving Money to Presidential Campaigns — Trump, Clinton, Sanders Don’t Need Your Help

It was sickening to see a news report the other day in the mainstream media talking about the unreal amounts of money that the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders are raking in. Now that’s not playing favorites, mind you. Much lesser candidates are pulling in millions as well, despite having almost no chance of winning the nomination or the general election. But the aforementioned are far and away the ones raking in the most, and that is what this article is about.
Are you a Republican? Democrat? Independent? Apolitical? Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter which of the candidates above you identity with. What matters is that you know something important. Don’t for any reason ever in a million years give money to a presidential campaign.

Why, you say? Why can’t I support monetarily the person I would most like to see ascend to the highest office in the land?

That’s easy. Because they simply don’t need your money. Not Donald, not Hillary, and not Bernie. They have already raised millions, but remember something. This is the age of the Internet. One little ordinary person can start a blog for less than a hundred bucks, write engaging content and spread his or her message to the masses. The idea that any of these candidates need money to spread their message is the biggest crime our government and the mainstream media has pulled on us yet. They already have their respective soapboxes. Not one penny they are spending on their campaigns is having any effect other than to cheerlead to their followers and enrage the other side. No one ever changed their mind because of this propaganda. They aren’t supposed to. No one really knows where all that money goes. We are made to believe that it goes to campaigns, but many in conspiracy circles believe this is just one of many ways that the United States government funds so-called “Black Ops” operations. You know, those operations underway that they can’t exactly tell us about, but still have to fund with taxpayer dollars. What better way than to get you to rally behind candidates who need millions upon millions to spread their message that a simple blog post could do for free. Better yet, who doesn’t know Hillary Clinton? Who is she reaching out to with that money? Everyone knows who she is and what she’s about. Her campaign should be her sitting by the fire waiting for the primary. Trump has mastered the art of getting his message out there for free through the wonders of antagonizing and manipulating the media.
Don’t check the little box when you do your taxes to give these bastards $3. They get enough of your money to waste already. Don’t send Bernie, Hillary, or Donald a check of your hard-earned cash. Give it to a homeless man on the street. That’s much better use of it. Give it to the church if you’re into that. Buy a Powerball ticket. Your odds aren’t good, but at least you can win. Investing in politicians is a 100% sure loss each and every time. Buy a pack of cigarettes if you smoke. Buy a six-pack of beer. Take your money and wipe your rear end after you go for number two. All of these are infinitely better uses of your money than giving to a politician’s campaign at the national level.