David Bowie Dead at 69 Years of Age — Illuminati at Work?

It was tragic news today that legendary rock star David Bowie passed away at the age of 69 after what the media has billed as an 18-month battle with liver cancer. His death set up one of the most orchestrated departures of all time, with him releasing his final album just two days previous. While the world mourns a great artist that maintained an influential and successful career over four decades, there are plenty in conspiracy circles that are taking to the Internet to point to this as the first Illuminati sacrifice death of 2016, and perhaps a big one to signify a year with a lot more tragedies like this to come.

As always, we at Common Sense Conspiracy present this to you as help in your own personal fact-finding mission. David Bowie was the kind of controversial figure that helped plenty of Illuminati talk to spring up throughout his career. In fact, just in the two days since the album’s release, it has already been connected to the Illuminati completely independent of his death. So, you could say that those that believe in such things won’t have a big problem connecting the dots here. Those that don’t aren’t likely to be convinced. But at the very least, it’s interesting, and there will be more and more speculation now that Bowie is no longer with us.

One thought on “David Bowie Dead at 69 Years of Age — Illuminati at Work?”

  1. What reason would the illuminati have against david bowie to murder him. His music was ok, I wouldn’t classify it as great. OK, so the kill him knowing that many musicians work soares after death. But his music would only be popular for a very short time post mortem.

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