Why Calls for Gun Control are a Cleverly Laid Deception

San Bernardino really brought it all full circle.  For years now, after every mass shooting event, President Barack Obama has taken to his bully pulpit to try to shove gun control legislation down America’s throat.  He has shamelessly politicized tragedy after tragedy, even going so far as to say just that one time, wagering that politicizing the tragedy was better than not putting his message out there.

gun-controlDoes it make sense?  Well, of course gun control makes sense.  America does have a gun problem, and you can roll all sorts of statistics to validate your point if that is what you believe.  We can all debate the finer points on whether our Constitutional forefathers ever envisioned the rise of assault weapons and whether or not the Second Amendment should protect machines of such awesome and efficient killing power.  We can all debate whether we need a better system for just how guns are acquired.  And yes, we can even go all-in Texas Hold’em-style and ask the question if guns should just be outlawed altogether.   Are all of these legitimate questions?  Perhaps.  There’s only one problem, and it is the reason for the last eight years conspiracy theorists have pointed to Barack Obama’s pleas for action as the ultimate proof that gun control is the ultimate goal of his regime.  The problem is that calling for gun control may be legit or not, but it has nothing to do with the events it is being attached to.

San Bernardino brought it all together.  It’s California.  They already have the strictest gun laws in the country.  And, in fact, those laws in California are actually stricter than anything that has been seriously brought forward on a national level.  It didn’t work.  The terrorists still got their weapons.  They still committed mass murder. You can pine for gun control all you like, but to try to attach it to this only invalidates your whole position.  But if this were the only instance of that, it might not matter.  Unfortunately for those that favor gun confiscation, this is a recurring theme.  Look back at all of the mass shootings.  An overwhelming majority of them would not have been stopped by any of the laws that are being proposed.

So, why go there?  That’s easy.  The powers-that-be know what they are doing.  They try to take advantage of a delicate situation where Americans are appropriately outraged to try to push that agenda… you know the one… how can we just stand by and do nothing?

There is a preponderance of evidence that gun-free zone laws may have contributed more to mass shootings than anything else.  Does this ever come up in the mainstream media? Of course not.  Gun control has nothing to do with stopping mass shootings, and it certainly has nothing to do with deadly terrorist attacks.  It goes much, much further than that, and that is the reason you keep hearing about it when it seems disjointed at best.   They want to disarm the American public.  They want those guns turned in and rendered useless.  They wanted it to happen yesterday.  Are these false-flag operations designed to get America on board with giving up their guns?  Or is it simple the government capitalizing on a convenient situation?  That’s the real questions we should all be asking.  And is this a massive conspiracy being executed by the American government or a cog in the wheel of a much bigger conspiracy, such as the New World Order movement?  Common Sense Conspiracy wants to hear your opinions.  What do you think?  What is gun control really all about, and where will it go from here?

2 thoughts on “Why Calls for Gun Control are a Cleverly Laid Deception”

  1. “Broad counts indicate that 21 toddlers shot and killed themselves or others in 2015; 19 Americans died at the hands of potential or suspected Islamic terrorists.” – Snopes.

  2. Your manufactured outrage at your poor teary-eyed President belies the true meaning of American Freedom; the Freedom to kill whomsoever you choose.

    Would “full” gun control ever work in America? Certainly not. There are too many guns in circulation, too many long and porous borders and too many powerful crime gangs to make it workable. And above all else it’s engrained in the American psyche that the ability to kill “bad-guys” is a legitimate reason for everyone to own and carry a gun.

    I live in the UK, where we too have mass shootings. We also have some of the strictest gun controls in the world. They didn’t stop the massacres. But the tightening of laws after Dunblane galvanised public opinion, did lead to an actual fall in “ordinary” gun crime. So tying one in with the other has worked, regardless of the effect on these one-off atrocities.

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