Practice Drill for Active Shooter Held at Same Building in San Bernardino Just Two Days Before Mass Shooting

It has become a hallmark of mass shootings. In almost every incident, there was some sort of practice for just that sort of thing very recently. It even extends to major terrorist events, such as 9/11. There was a drill about planes being flown into buildings the day before 9/11, so similar in fact that air traffic controllers thought the drill was still going on when the attacks actually happened. Right before the Boston Marathon bombings, there were drills being conducted for, you guessed it, the chance of someone bombing the finish line. And now, in San Bernardino, we find out that just two days before the latest shooting incident, a drill for that exact thing was conducted not just in the same town, but in the same building. At what point does it become a little too coincidental that this happens over and over again?