Mark Zuckerberg is a Generous Guy But He Is Not Giving Everyone Who Shares a Post on Facebook $4.5 Million

It’s sad that Common Sense Conspiracy has to report on this, but we have to.  There is a post going around on Facebook (no less) that Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire+ founder of Facebook is giving everyone that shares a ridiculously stupid post will get $4.5 million at midnight from Zuckerberg’s charitable ambitions.

Yes, it’s true that Zuckerberg is giving away a crap-ton of money.  But he ain’t giving it to you.  This is a hoax designed to make everyone that clicks that “Like” and “Share” into an idiot.  As if you didn’t do enough to make that known on your own by yourself.

Come on guys. Really?
Come on guys. Really?

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