Is the United States at War With Russia?

While you were sleeping, there is an ever-increasing international sentiment that American forces attacked Syria’s forces on the evening of December 6, 2015. We don’t mean airstrikes against ISIS. We mean attacking Syria. As you probably already know, the United obamaputinStates has long strategized to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad, a proxy war that has gone on now for over five years. And as is equally as well-known, Russia supports the rebellion against Bashar al-Assad, and therefore the growing evidence that the United States snuck in an attack on his forces can only mean one thing: we are openly defying Russia, not only by refusing to amp up attacks on ISIS, but also by actually fighting against Bashar al-Assad. Is it true? Well there’s no way to know for sure without being on the front lines, but the behavior of the American government certainly seems consistent with how we know the American government to act. Is this a direct cut against Russia? No, not really, but it will most certainly be taken that way, so isn’t that basically the same thing?