Is Donald Trump Trying to Help Hillary Clinton Win the Presidency?

I'll just sit back and watch Donald work.
I’ll just sit back and watch Donald work.

It would be one of the greatest conspiracies of all time.  Donald Trump infiltrates the Republican Party, rises to the top of the polls, and engages the “establishment” GOP in a life-or-death match for their souls.  Only could there be a more sinister motivation behind all of this?  Could Donald Trump be a secret agent of all secret agents for Hillary Clinton?

It may seem farfetched at first if you have no facts.  One thing almost nobody remembers these days is that Donald Trump was not always a Republican.  He has identified in the past as a Democrat as well, and despite being the typical rich mogul that the Republican Party seems to relate the most with, has even dedicated hefty funds to the political campaigns of one former Senator of New York Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Their relationship is not just business; the Donald had Hillary and Bill at his wedding, and if you want to dig further, this is not the only image out there of the Clintons and Trumps partying in style, seemingly without a worry in the world.

Chumming it up rather nicely... a conspiracy in the works?
Chumming it up rather nicely… a conspiracy in the works?

So why would Donald do it?  The same reason anything happens in this world.  Donald Trump is an elite businessman, and having a power player like Hillary Clinton as President of the United States could benefit him in any number of ways.  In the meantime, he gets an extra dose of fame and stroking for his epic ego, while very publicly making the Republican Party look like fools.  Do you realize that Trump can wreck this election now no matter what?  If he wins the Republican nomination, well, it’s Trump going for the big prize.  If he doesn’t win, he could simply run as an independent.  It is safe to say after his big splash on the scene this season that he would pull enough votes from the Republican official candidate to guarantee Clinton a victory.

The conspiracy is even more fascinating when you consider Trump’s killer instinct when it comes to business dealings.  He could have made a deal with Hillary to make a splash in this thing, hoping only to have a small effect in her favor (behind the scenes, of course), and then finding himself the unexpected and unlikely frontrunner for the GOP nomination, he could still turn on Hillary and decide to go for the glory himself.  Or, he could still pull one on the Republicans and decide at the last minute to go independent, citing a million gripes with how he was treated by the establishment.

Donald Trump may not be able to win the office of President of the United States, but whether you want to admit it or not, he has an unbelievable amount of control at this point over who does.  Conspiracy or no conspiracy, Donald Trump may very well be the one man in this country that decides who our next President is, even if he can’t bestow it upon himself.