The Shocking Truth Behind the Painting of Ben Carson and Jesus Christ

The mainstream media and anyone that opposes religion or Republican candidates for president is working overtime to make Ben Carson, a genius by almost any measure, a total raving lunatic idiot.  Because he seems to be a pretty good guy with traditional Christian beliefs that, despite what the mainstream media preaches (yes, pardon the pun), they are having to really dig deep into the bag of tricks to find something to throw at this guy.  The latest assassination ammunition is the fact that Ben Carson has a painting in his home featuring himself and Jesus Christ.

I would hate to see what the liberal mainstream media made in Introduction to Art Appreciation.
I would hate to see what the liberal mainstream media made in Introduction to Art Appreciation.

Jesus Christ, in case you were raised liberal, is a historical religious figure that really existed by almost all historians’ accounts and walked the Earth a little over 2,000 years ago.  He taught a lot of terrible things like loving one another, turning the other cheek, and doing the right thing.  If you believe in the religion, he also was the Son of God.  If you don’t believe in the religion, you have a problem with all of the good messages he had just in principle because it makes you happy to insult everyone around you.  In any case, this Jesus guy if pretty popular the world over, and despite the insinuation that he is dead in America, he really is still quite popular.  He makes more sales in America each year than Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, and Michael Jackson’s estates combined, so he’s still packing that clout.  Anyway, if you are of the Christian faith, it is quite common to think that Jesus is your guardian angel of sorts, looking out for you and helping guide you on whatever it is you are doing at that particular moment.  Ben Carson is into Jesus, so this portrait is simply symbolic of Jesus being with him, looking over him, and helping guide him.

According to the mainstream media, it is just proof that Ben Carson is certifiably insane because he apparently sat down to have a painting done of himself and Jesus.  Yes, they actually are saying that Ben Carson believes he sat for that portrait with Jesus Christ himself in the smear campaign.  How idiotic do you have to be to overlook the symbolic, regardless of what you believe, and come up with an even dumber theory than anything you could possibly be railing against.  Actually, it’s not that hard to think that way if you want to discredit a guy that apparently really hasn’t done anything wrong, so you have to reach.  Accusing the man of thinking Jesus is still alive and had his picture made with him is just another way of trying to say, “Holy you-know-what are we afraid of this guy.”

The painting might be a little tacky, maybe even a little vain, but it certainly makes sense, and it’s not something that most people in America are having a problem understanding.  This article isn’t necessarily supporting Ben or his policies, as much as supporting the idea that the mainstream media is just launching a false narrative to try to make a good guy look bad.  Hillary Clinton is currently accused of federal crimes, so I guess they need something on Ben this badly.  But just for the record, Democrats can smear the Republican candidates all they want, because Lord knows the Republican candidates are going to smear them back.  But they might want to leave Jesus Christ out of it.  Just sayin’.

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  1. I know the person that wrote, “Shocking Truth Behind the Painting . . .” doesn’t believe in the power of Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ himself but His word (the Bible) says, “He sent His word to heal them and delivered them from their destrictions.”, (Psalms 102:20) and this person’s mind, body, and soul needs healing. This person seems to believe the only thing Jesus does for us is help and guide us and that’s why we follow and serve Him; just for favors. That is not the case! I dare you, the writer of this article, to try Jesus and by that I mean allow Him to come into their life and heart. You will never be the same again! When I finally surrendered, Jesus changed my life. I didn’t have to announce the change; family and friends recognized the change; they saw the difference in my life. Don’t believe me? Try Him for yourself. If I’m wrong then you continue talk and say what you will about Jesus. But I dare you to try Him!

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