States Refuse to Accept Syrian Refugees — Cowardice or Common Sense?

As usual, the United States of America is divided down political lines as Democrats and Republicans clash about another issue that seems like it should be no big deal but it is. President Barack Obama has a plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States of America quickly, and to spread them out at various cities across the country. This is just the beginning, as the overall plan is to bring some 45,000 into America. Of the 45,000, 97% of them are Muslims, with the other three percent identifying as Christian or otherwise.

Friend or foe, they are on the way to a neighborhood near you.
Friend or foe, they are on the way to a neighborhood near you.

In light of the terror attacks in Paris, a lot of states are not too happy about this idea that no one was really all that concerned about previously. It turns out that perhaps one of the attackers in Paris may have entered the country as a refugee, taking advantage of France’s relaxed laws for that sort of thing. And the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings were refugees as well. So, we see a couple of clear examples of people getting burnt by accepting refugees.
It goes without saying that the overwhelming majority of refugees are probably good people trying to get out of a sad, desperate situation. However, many Americans feel that the chance that just a small number of these refugees might be some sort of “Trojan horse” situation (and it only takes a very small percentage of that 45,000 to end up with a Paris-like situation in America) makes it not prudent to accept them into our country at this time. Canada has already decided nationally that they want no part of it. Of course, it is mostly Republican-controlled states that are against the refugees, while the Democratic states probably aren’t particularly excited about it, but they must blindly follow what their leader says. Many of the Democratic persuasion are saying that this is cowardice. President Obama has said that we don’t discriminate based on religion, and “this is not who we are.”
So, is America overreacting? Does it make sense to accept these refugees into the country even when there seems to be at least a small chance that some of them might want to do America harm?
Consider this. These same people are part of a class of people that the United States was considering arming to help them fight. However, that plan got scrapped because it was determined that it was too difficult to know who was on what side and what their respective agendas were. So, they were unsure whether they could trust them to arm them in the civil war in Syria, but now they are totally sure it’s okay to bring them into America. After all, they can always just punch their names into the Radical Islamic Terrorist Database, right?
Is it cowardice to not want to help these people? Or is just common sense not to want a group of people that might include some that want to do terrible deeds into your country? I mean, it’s nothing personal against Syrians, but it just happens that some of you guys like to strap explosives to your chest, walk into as crowded of a place as you can, and blow yourself up. We would very much like to see you stop doing that, and we realize that it is a small percentage that is doing that. Unfortunately, a small percentage is enough to kinda be a little wary of that whole thing.
So, you have to look at the job. President Obama’s first job is the security of Americans. The plight of the Syrian refugees is horrific. No one is debating that. But if your first priority is American citizens’ safety, then you simply shouldn’t be even considering this as a possibility. Calling people cowards for using their brains and wanting to protect themselves first is painfully ironic, because President Obama has his finger on the trigger of the most powerful military in the world and has done nothing while this menace has grown for years. If he really wants to help the Syrian refugees, instead of bringing them into a nation where they are equally as unwanted, he could take care of their problem so they could return home. But Obama just today insisted that his plan for ISIS is working like a charm, even as French reporters questioned his judgment. Apparently, Obama feels that ISIS is right on schedule. What do you think?