Paris Terror Attacks Unfortunate Preview of the Consequence of Open Borders — U.S. Next?

France is once again the target of terrible terrorist attacks that most likely are going to be the work of the Islamic State, the terrorist organization that is sweeping through the Middle East committing atrocities and largely unchecked by anyone, especially the United States, its first and foremost recognized enemy.  This latest string of attacks was clearly coordinated, showing that this was not a flash in the pan lone wolf thing, but a planned attack.  It has nothing to do with military personnel or police, but regular, ordinary citizens doing the things that regular, ordinary citizens do, like going to a concert hall, enjoying a meal in a nice restaurant, or going about their daily business.

The scene in Paris is terrible, but it's still a world away from Americans.  How long before it comes home?
The scene in Paris is terrible, but it’s still a world away from Americans. How long before it comes home?

What is so terrifying about these terror attacks is just how easy they were to perpetrate.  This is not a complicated operation; France lets “refugees” walk right into their country, and it is not difficult for Islamic terrorists to find their way in.  Given their location, it is not even a long journey.  As this is now the second time this is happening, though this appears to be much worse than the first, it can only make everyone wonder how long before this type of terror makes its way to the United States with more coordination and more frequency.  After all, the United States has a very famous (or infamous) border control problem that is actually made even more famous by its constant mentioning my political candidates in a very emotional presidential race coming up in 2016.  It’s not a secret that America is pretty easy to get into, and they will even help you out once you get there.  If you are an Islamic terrorist, the road is paved.  The only question that can be asked is why it hasn’t already become commonplace for these types of situations to happen in America.  What could be the reasons?

Well, there are a few that make a lot of sense if you really think about it.  For starters, the Islamic State has a friend in President Barack Obama, and they aren’t about to upset that delicate relationship.  Now, we’re not going crazy conspiracy here and saying that President Obama is a Muslim and is secretly on their side and trying to turn America over to the Islamic State.  That’s silly talk.  What he is doing is a whole lot of nothing to check there reign of terror across the Middle East.  Heck, the Islamic State even threatened to come to the White House and kill Obama’s children, which didn’t seem to fire him up either.  The bottom line is that until 2017 when a new president takes over, the Islamic State has free reign to do whatever they like in the Middle East, and the only way they could mess that up is to execute something like the attacks in Paris in America, forcing even a docile President Obama to go on the offensive.  They are too smart to do that.  If a Republican president takes over in 2017, expect terrible things to happen.  IS will know that they are going to feel the wrath, so they will work hard to strike first.  If a Democrat takes over, quite likely it will continue as it is now until they are so strong that they just don’t care anymore, which is closer than you might think.  So, in a roundabout way, President Obama is keeping America safe by doing nothing, but it is kind of like punting the football to the other team and hoping that they don’t score on the next possession.

Another reason that IS might be a little unwilling to unleash these kinds of attacks in America is that the country is infamously armed.  In Paris, the attackers knew they were not going to encounter any kind of armed resistance in the early stages before police or military arrived on the scene.  In America, especially in the southern states that are more readily accessible from the Mexico border, this is probably not going to be the case.  Despite repeated attempts at gun control, America continues to be open season for gun carriers.  Now IS is not worried about getting caught or dying at the hands of anyone while executing these attacks.  What they are worried about is being embarrassed.  To go off on one of these tangents and have an angry Texan simply gun you down is not going to have the resonance that these attacks in Paris will have, and remember that their prime goal above all is to cause fear.

Even if America or France decides to close the borders now and stop making it so easy to have their citizens end up target practice for Islamic terrorists, it is likely too late.  People with these goals are already here in America, and they are just waiting for the right moment or signal to strike.  Closing the borders would be a good way to help protect citizens in the future, but it won’t change the fact that the damage is already done.  Unfortunately, the scenes Americans are watching unfold in France are just a preview of what is to come in their own homeland, and it’s a shame that no one is doing anything at all to try to prevent it.