Paris Military Had Training Drills Planned for Multi-Site Attacks on November 13

One common theme running through a lot of the major terrorism-related events in our world is the concept that authorities always seem to be practicing what actually happens at coincidentally just the right time. The most famous example is September 11, where there is actual recordings of air traffic controllers becoming confused as to whether the events unfolding were real or part of the training exercise that was currently underway that was almost exactly what happened. In Boston, a full training exercise was actually in progress as the bombs exploded. The list goes on and on for this sort of thing, and it has always fueled conspiracy theories, especially those regarding false flag operations or situations where a government knows something terrible is about to happen but chooses to look the other way. The terror attacks in Paris, France are no exception. It just so happens that the authorities there were prepared for just such a situation. After all, they were doing training exercises for that exact thing.