Crisis Actors in Paris — This Girl Has Some Really Bad Luck

As with almost every event such as this, there are those in conspiracy circles that start looking hard at the limited information that they is available for a common thread.  The concept of crisis actors has been tossed around in conspiracy forums for decades, and we often see quickly thrown-together images showing very similar figures at tragic events.  The same is true for the tragic terror attacks in Paris.  A graphic is already circulating on the Internet showing the same girl at a series of events… Boston, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Paris.  She is only one girl that frequently is seen reacting to tragic events.  Many people believe this is a small part of a grand conspiracy and that she is one of the fabled “crisis actors.”  Of course, it could all be coincidence or it could be that any crowd of people is liable to have someone that looks familiar.  What do you think?  Is it time to ask this girl some questions?

crisis actor