The Fact about Bernie Sanders that the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know

Bernie Sanders is making plenty of noise as a presidential candidate, and like another Democrat that came out of nowhere named Barack Obama, many are just now recognizing his name. However, he is making the kind of waves that make it impossible to not pay him attention any longer in an election primary that was long assumed to belong solely to one Mrs. Hillary Clinton.
Bernie has his quirks. He identifies as a socialist, which is poison to many Americans’ ears of both party affiliations. However, a lot of this is because a lot of Americans mistake the words Socialism and Communism as interchangeable. In reality, they are very different concepts, and Bernie is not even remotely a Communist, or at least not yet. Bernie also is talking a big game that is forcing even Hillary Clinton to conform to. Hillary Clinton hardly ever spoke about free tuition for public universities and the minimum wage until Bernie Sanders pitched his ideas. Now, most people recognize that Bernie’s ideas, no matter how nice they might sound the first time around, are mostly just pretty words. With a Republican-controlled House and Senate, a newly-crowned President Sanders will never be passing free tuition and a $15 minimum wage. More importantly, even if the Democrats captured one, the other, or both, there are not enough people in his own party willing to go that radical. Sanders’ ideas are dead in the water and are just a new reiteration of the decades-old political tactic of campaign promises.
Having said all that, Bernie is showing that there are a lot of Americans, particularly the younger ones, that are rejecting the establishment’s politics. That is also being seen on the other side of the political aisle, with unorthodox candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson dominating the GOP landscape. What it really indicates is that, as we say so often here on Common Sense Conspiracy, we really have a one-party system that serves its own agenda and the perceived differences between political parties exist only to give us an illusion of choice, and more importantly, a reason to stay fiercely divided. That explains why both parties seem to have an identity crisis at the same time. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, because historically, if one party is having an identity crisis, it’s because the other party is doing well. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are in chaos and turmoil, but that’s mostly because there are more and more people out there waking up to the realities of the one-party system.
So, what is the media hiding about Bernie Sanders? He’s an atheist. Now he won’t come out and say that. He has only gone so far as to say that he is not “especially religious.” But all the atheists out there know another atheist when they see one, and he has that market cornered. Atheists want to see one of their own in the White House just as badly as Christians do, and Bernie will accomplish that. If he is anything, he’s Jewish, because that was how he was raised, but he seems to have no interest in pandering to any religious group, regardless of his affiliations.
To many voters, Sanders’ disinterest with religion may be refreshing. After all, the separation of church and state is a tenant of our political system, or at least it is supposed to be. However, there are plenty of people out there from both sides of the aisle that would never, ever support anything but a Christian in the White House. For the conservatives, that percentage would be near 100%. For liberals, that percentage would be a lot higher than the atheists want to believe. Bernie Sanders would be the first American President to not at least pretend to be religious, and that would be a landmark. The media knows that this fact alone would disqualify Sanders instantly with millions of Americans, so they bury it as much as they can. Hillary Clinton is probably an atheist too, but she has the political sensibility to at least pretend, as did Barack Obama. That prevents alienating too many voters. Bernie isn’t being asked about it in interviews, and he certainly isn’t going to bring it up.
So, in closing, we at Common Sense Conspiracy are not necessarily saying this is a bad or good thing, but more that the media should at least let Americans know this fact that many will consider to be critical to their process. Hiding facts like these from the American people is dirty, and in a truly democratic election, should be as illegal as all of the things that Democrats say that Republicans try to do to stop people from voting. Journalistic integrity is dead, that’s for sure, and it has been for a long time.