Halloween Asteroid TB145 to Pass Very Close to Earth — Doomsday or Another Close Shave?

Meet asteroid TB145, another large one that is going to cruise uncomfortably close to the Earth in a few days, sparking many in conspiracy circles to panic and say that this could be some sort of world-ending, catastrophic scenario. Here’s the reality. TB145 is the size of the Empire State Building, which sounds really menacing when you put it that way, but in astronomical terms is a speck of sand (not that, even). However, as we all know from Hollywood, it doesn’t take that much of an asteroid to make a really “deep impact” on Earth, so the concerns are legitimate. NASA says that TB145 will come within 300,000 miles of the Earth, meaning that even if you have a couple of thousand miles error, Earth should be safe and sound when the trick-or-treating ends. The video below shows more details. As always, the only real troubling thing here is that the asteroid was discovered so late in the game, indicating that if it were on a collision course with Earth, we would have had mere days to prepare, if there was, in fact, anything to be done.