Were More Crisis Actors at the Scene of the Virginia TV Reporter Shootings?

The terrible shootings that occurred in Virginia yesterday are leading to even more aggressive calls for gun control from Congress, the President, and presidential candidates.  This shooting is unique from other incidents that conspiracy theorists pointed the “false flag” finger at.  First of all, this was apparently perpetrated by an African American.  That is different in and of itself.  These types of shootings have long been the faculty of white people almost exclusively, but maybe this signals a change on the horizon.  Other than that, it seems the same old script we are used to seeing.  There are already calls about mental illness and gun control, and I have even seen some people saying that companies should have programs in place to help people when they get fired.  As absurd as that sounds.

Anyway, there are going to be a group of people that believe that this shooting, even though it occurred on live television, never happened.  And for those people, the video below will be very palatable.  It is interesting for sure why these very familiar figures always are around these situations.  It is also a good question why someone that just heard that their daughter was shot in cold blood on national television would feel the need to speak to Megyn Kelly a few hours later and seem basically emotionally intact.  Although we live in a society where the mainstream media trumps any concept of privacy, it still seems strange that someone would want to do that.  It’s not the kind of thing where you want to get your fifteen minutes of fame, you know.  In any case, the video below may be garbage, but it’s presented well, and there are at least a few things about it that bear discussion.