Was Bill Cosby Destroyed by the Illuminati?

Let’s face it. Many Americans just couldn’t believe that beloved comedian and actor Bill Cosby could have drugged and raped scores of women. Nobody wanted to believe it, and it wasn’t until there was just so many accusations that anyone really entertained the notion. Now, public opinion is starting to slide against Cosby, but still, there is not all that much real evidence against him. Could the Illuminati have turned on Cosby and be determined to ruin his career and legacy in his advanced age? Or is Cosby really a serial rapist?
You might be wondering why in the world the Illuminati would have some beef with Cosby. Well, there are people out there that believe that Cosby bucked the system with some of his inspirational speaking. Cosby has long encouraged personal responsibility, especially among the African American community, and he has not played into the idea that the government should take care of everyone. Did Cosby make a deal that now he has broken and the punishment is the worst embarrassment and character assassination imaginable? Or is Cosby just as bad as everyone wants you to think?
The video below goes in depth on this issue, showing tell tale signs of Cosby’s previous involvement with the Illuminati during his heyday and how he might have fell out of their favor as time has passed. What do you think? Villain or victim?

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  1. I didn’t have 14 minutes to watch the whole video. Maybe I can get back to it. Your headline certainly caught my eye and made me want to read the editorial. Just goes to show we can create a conspiracy about anything. BTW, how the heck are you old friend? (email me please. Miss you)

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