Icy Moon of Saturn Has Mysterious Red Arcs on Surface — Spraypainted On?

The Cassini spacecraft returned images to Earth back in April that have scientists at NASA completely stumped.  One of Saturn’s many icy moons, Tethys, was photographed by Cassini at close proximity, and the images revealed mysterious red arcs on the surface that as of yet there is no precedent or explanation before.  NASA even alluded to the concept that the markings look like they were “spraypainted on” although it quickly pointed out that obviously that is not really the case.  It’s amazing how these spacecrafts keep revealing new things day in and day out, and especially when you have a supposedly natural phenomenon here that no one can even begin to guess what the cause is.  What do you think?  Were the mysterious red arcs on Tethys a marking or message of some kind, or just some sort of work of nature in the far reaches of our solar system that we have yet to understand?