Black Lives Matter? White Lives Matter? All Lives Matter? Here’s the Solution: No Lives Matter!

In a week when all major presidential candidates have had campaign rallies cut short or otherwise disrupted by #blacklivesmatter protesters, it’s time for Common Sense Conspiracy to set this matter straight.  Yes, it is true that we have now had a politician and potential President of the United States apologize for saying that #alllivesmatter when taken to task by #blacklivesmatter.  Because if you say that all lives matter, that includes white people, so obviously that is an insensitive disregarding of the problem.  And now we have whites and blacks and Mexicans and Roman-Catholics and Protestants all arguing over just which lives matter, because based on the reaction that O’Malley got when he made the grievous mistake of registering the thought that all human life is somehow equal, it turns out that the main focus of all parties involved is to further divide rather than unite.  So, what is the solution?  What has Common Sense Conspiracy come up with to solve this problem and make America great again?


No lives matter.


That’s right.  It’s bull.  White, black, green, Martian, or just a single-cell organism floating in the depths of one of the oceans, one thing remains certain.  You live your life, you die, and then your body as it were returns to whatever format makes sense for where you were in your life.  Dust to dust.  Water to water.  Whatever to whatever.  No lives matter.

It’s the kind of battle cry that atheists should feel obliged to get behind.  After all, we’re all just a flash in the pan, living a limited existence until we meet our demise and become worm-food.  No lives matter.

Equality is amazing, because sometimes it can demean all sides of an issue, alienating the fact that no matter how much everyone argues, everyone ends up in the same place in the end.  In the ground.