Paula Deen Tweets Photo of Son in “Brown Face” — United States of the Offended?

I think most of you are probably familiar with Paula Deen’s problems in the past couple of years with allegations of racism. Yes, it’s true that hiring a bunch of African Americans to dress as plantation-era slaves for a wedding was a little distasteful. And then we all had to hear her admit to using the dreaded “n-word” on multiple occasions during the trial about her hiring a bunch of African Americans to dress as plantation-era slaves for a wedding. The mainstream media took ever shot at Paula that they could and nearly derailed her entire butter-laden food empire. And yet, she had systematically started to get it going again when she posted a Tweet today of her son Bobby in what the media is now calling “brown face” (like that’s a thing?) and the racism debate has started all over again.
Some people are jumping all over this, saying it’s just another example of a racist white woman on a tirade against people of color. Any color, not just black people. After all, the Tweeted photo is of her and her family portraying the characters of the famous “I Love Lucy” sitcom, and the character that Bobby is portraying with his “brown face” is Ricky Ricardo, a Latin American.
Here’s the reality of this situation. It’s simple. Paula should still be on her best behavior after all that mess, and it’s hard to believe she would post anything that the media might be able to pounce on. She did, and the media is doing what it does best: attempting to stir a pot full of nothing into a raging shitstorm of epic proportions. The truth is that almost no one is truly offended by this, and if they do, they need to really take a step back and ask what happened to them in their life to make them spend so much time worrying about dumb crap that doesn’t matter. But anyway, she still should have known better, but more importantly, it’s just another example of the mainstream media trying to focus the general public on hatred of any kind so that they might not come together to tackle real issues, like an out-of-control government system that now acts only in the interest of its own self-preservation and not the good of the country.