Landmark Deal With Iran Will Seal President Obama’s Legacy — History Repeats Itself Again

While President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry celebrate their “landmark” deal with Iran over nuclear weapons, the rest of the world that has common sense and remembers its history lessons cringes in disbelief.  But that’s been a hallmark of the last eight years.  Constantly the American government has celebrated achievements that weren’t really achievements at all.  For example, Obamacare, the controversial health care “reform” legislation. Iran-Nuclear-Deal Lauded as a success by the administration that fought so hard to put it into place, but it completely ignored the actual reform part that is still desperately needed.  Adding millions of people to a corrupt and inefficient system is not reform.  The same goes for claiming an economic recovery based on inconclusive data like unemployment rates.  Sure, more people may have jobs, but what kind of jobs are they?  People with engineering degrees flipping burgers at McDonald’s successfully takes them off the statistic column, but it doesn’t mean much for their personal situation.  And pointing to a housing market on the recovery when so many people are having to sell their homes thousands below what they were worth just a few years ago.  Yeah, that’s recovery.  Now, they are claiming to have struck a deal with Iran that will provide safety and security for the world for decades.   In reality, they just put the gun in Iran’s hand.

One needs only look at the history books to see how this will turn out.  We’ve made deals like this before.  Remember Saddam Hussein and the musical chairs inspections.  Sorry, we’re busy that day.  Can’t do it.  The Iran deal tries really hard to put its foot down and say we can inspect anytime we want to.  In reality, the deal says that Iran will try its best to make sure we get to inspect some things when it is convenient for them.  In the meantime, we have a deal, so we have to trust them to hold up their end of the bargain.  Like Saddam.  And North Korea.  Thinking that this deal brings some sort of finality to the matter is the most dangerous line of thought we could possibly take.

One country knows quite well how devastating this could be.  Israel has condemned the deal, and even went as far as to point out the lunacy of making a deal with people that are probably shouting “Death to America” as the ink dries.  If it wasn’t really happening, it would seem like a funny joke, but we are actually making a deal with a country that has made no bones about its desire to erase Israel off the map and has a fundamental problem with the United States in general.  Now, we’ve helped them out financially as well as giving them more freedom.  And then we pat ourselves on the back and say what a good job we’ve done.

President Obama is already making veiled threats to Congress about not allowing the deal to go through.  Remember, Obama doesn’t actually think he has to have Congress’ approval, but grudgingly agreed to include them in on the action a few months ago.   Congress can make changes, but ultimately President Obama will have the power to veto it if he doesn’t like it.  Remember the concept there.  The American President can veto the agreement if something is added or taken away that would be detrimental to Iran.  The American President is like the referee making sure Iran gets a fair deal.  How does that make you feel about things?

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