It’s Time to Answer the Most Important Question About Donald Trump — Illuminati or Not?

Donald Trump has certainly shook things up early in the road to the 2016 Presidential Election in America. His entry into the ever-widening and historically large field of candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination seemed like fodder for late night talk show hosts (especially Jon Stewart) at first. However, what seemed more like something to entertain him and stroke his massive ego has turned into what has the hallmark symptoms of a grassroots movement. Donald Trump is leading polls, and people are starting to listen him. This comes despite his repeatedly politically incorrect comments that everyone has tried to insinuate will get him in big trouble, but actually have inspired many Americans to get behind him. So, with Trump looking more and more every day like he might just have a real impact on this thing, it’s time to ask the hard questions. Is Trump Illuminati?
Well, the answers on the Internet will never let you down in their wide variety. We have those that believe the Illuminati put Trump up to this, those that believe Trump is doing this to spite the Illuminati, and those that believe the “Trump card” has been played and this is the big power move before the real you-know-what goes down in September of this year. Is Trump Illuminati? Who knows, but it’s fun and interesting to speculate, isn’t it?