Anonymous Exposes Murder of Sandra Bland By Texas Police — Doctored Documents?

The hacking group that now involves itself in all sorts of causes known as anonymous has spoken on the matter of Sandra Bland. This African American woman is yet another person that died in police custody in Texas, and many people have suggested that the police faked her suicide to cover up what really happened. Up until now, there was not exactly a whole lot of evidence to back up these claims, but Anonymous is painting a not-so-pretty picture for the Walker County Police Department in the video below, released just yesterday and already fostering nearly a half of a million views.
It should be noted for the record that this case is interesting from different viewpoints not just because of the obvious implications of a police cover-up and murder, but also how it has been treated in the media. Other cases that we all now know the details of (Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray…unfortunately the list goes on and on and on) were jumped on by the mainstream media. Common Sense Conspiracy has examined the goals of the mainstream media in their coverage many times before. It is notable, however, that the mainstream media mostly ignored the case of Sandra Bland. It was reported, but it never took on the life of those other cases in the mainstream consciousness. You can make of that what you will. Perhaps the mainstream media was fooled by the Texas Police’s scheme and didn’t realize that they missed another golden opportunity to further drive a wedge between race relations in America. Or maybe there is no agenda after all. While we find that highly unlikely, we did think it was important to note that the mainstream media could have blown this case up but did not. It’s worth mentioning at the very least.
What do you think? Is Anonymous speaking on the matter enough to make you believe that Sandra Blass was murdered? Or do you think Anonymous is just throwing salt on an old wound? Let us know in the comments below.