Actor Jim Carrey Blasts California Mandatory Vaccination Law — Calls Governor a “Fascist”

Jim Carrey is probably easily the most famous person to believe that vaccinations and autism are linked. He has spoken out on this issue for years now, ever since his relationship with Jenny McCarthy who has an autistic son. The two of them believe that vaccinations are responsible at least in part for the rising autism epidemic. Carrey wasted no time lashing out against a new law that California has put in place that is the toughest law on vaccination in the country by far. Carrey went as far as to brand the governor of California (who has now signed the bill into law) a “corporate fascist.”
It’s nice to know that not everyone in Hollywood is a blind follower of the mainstream media. We salute Jim for standing up for what he believes in, especially in an industry where it could have quite a backlash against him. Our hat’s off to you, Jim.