What Would Happen If the Dollar Collapsed?

The potential global economic crisis that may be set off by the domino of a default in Greece could make recent recessions look like child’s play. It could even bring about something that conspiracy enthusiasts have feared for decades: the collapse of the dollar. With more and more signs pointing to the reality of a collapse felt the world over, you might be wondering if it’s time to take action to protect yourself and your family. We’ve all heard the “wisdom” being spread around about buying and stockpiling gold in lieu of the dollar to be ready when the big one hits. But just how big of a deal would this be? Just what would happen if the dollar really did collapse? Why is this so much more damning than other currencies that have collapsed in recent times? The video below from our friends at Documentary TV does a great job of explaining just how all-encompassing the collapse of the dollar would be and how it would literally affect everyone.