What is an EMP Attack and Are You Ready?

So it was a slow news day at Common Sense Conspiracy. We decided to spend the breather talking about what many people in conspiracy circles think is a very likely future event. EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse, and an EMP attack could send the United States of America back to the stone age in seconds. It would disrupt everything from communication, power, transportation, you name it. It’s the danger of a society that now depends on computers and increasingly the Internet for so many things. Even our vehicles have enough computer chips inside them that an EMP could render most modern cars useless. Yet, many people don’t even know what this is or that it is a real threat.
An EMP attack requires some serious energy, and the only way to set one off would be by detonating a nuclear level weapon in the air. This would not be a nuclear attack in the conventional sense. We’re not talking mushroom clouds. The bomb would be set off to create a situation in the atmosphere that basically destroyed everything electronic instantly (or at least made it stop functioning). An EMP attack would be a great precursor to a nation that wished to instigate a war against America. While it is assumed that the government and military have some sort of infrastructure in place to deal with the aftermath of such an attack, a country as spread out as America is would have major problems getting back to normal in any kind of reasonable time frame. It would also instantly make almost all warning systems in place useless. A lot of people get made fun of for stocking up for the “zombie apocalypse” or the end of the world as we know it, but the truth is that if an EMP attack were successfully launched against us tomorrow, those people would suddenly be the absolute top of the food chain. The video below goes in further detail about the threat and what you can do to be ready.