TPP Trade Agreement Up for Another Vote — President to Gain Sweeping New Privileges For Years to Come

The Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement will be up for another Congressional vote tomorrow, and there are many grassroots efforts across the nation to convince members of Congress to vote against the controversial legislation that would give President Obama (and the next Prez after him) sweeping authorities to make trade agreements with other countries, bypassing basically every check and balance in our government’s system. It’s basically a law that asks Congress to give the President power to not have to ask Congress what to do anymore, and it could be just one of many building blocks for a new kind of government in the United States of America. The sad news: most Americans have not a clue what TPP is, what it stands for, or what it might mean for the nation going forward. While everyone is worried about whether bakers have to make cakes for gay people, Caitlyn Jenner, and whether Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan, this is being voted on on the down low, just the way President Obama wants it. What do you think? Do you think one man should hold that kind of authority in our system of government? And if you do think so, will you feel the same if someone you don’t trust as much inherits that authority in 2017?