Some Provisions of the Patriot Act Expire — Nothing Happens, Neither Bad Nor Good

Some people in conspiracy circles and Rand Paul supporters applauded the fact that Congress simply let certain provisions of the ever-controversial Patriot Act slip past their expiration date with little urgent effort to stop it from happening.  To many, this may seem like at least a temporary moral victory for freedom, but we at Common Sense Conspiracy want to make our readers clear on a few reasons why this is not something to get terribly excited about.

patriotactThe first thing to note is that the expiration of these provisions had no effect.  When we say that, we mean it every way you might take it.  It didn’t make any terrible things happen; it didn’t make any good things happen.  Think the NSA or the federal government is so crippled by not being able to legally continue its illegal activities?  Not at all.  Shortly after the deadline passed, the government reminded everyone that this only applied to new investigations, and old investigations fell under the law still.  So, if they were already using a freedom-squashing law to conduct warrantless surveillance activities on American citizens before, they see no reason why they have to stop now.  And how hard is it for the federal government to parlay anything into being part of a former investigation?  Rest assured, the NSA didn’t miss a beat because of the Patriot Act expiration.  However, the mainstream media didn’t report this fact at all.

The mainstream media had a different agenda regarding the possibility of the Patriot Act expiration.  They were busy promoting various members of both political parties explaining to the average Joe why the expiration of the Patriot Act was a “win for terrorists” and exposing Americans to grave danger.  Even President Barack Obama jumped on the wagon, urging action.  This is the same guy who was going to close Gitmo and end the wars that he basically continued on from the last guy for years and years.  This is the same guy that many felt would oppose, not support, the Patriot Act, and now he’s on national television telling Americans how much George W. Bush’s crowning achievement has protected America.  Think about that and let it sink in for a moment.  For all of the finger-pointing about Bush, both Democrats and Republicans are basically giving one of his biggest achievements in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks their personal seal of approval.  The mainstream media exists only to push that idea down every American’s throat.  It’s crazy to think that somebody in America might actually be criticizing the government for letting this Act expire when to support it is to basically turn your back on the idea of freedom in America to begin with.  But this is how they poison the minds of the sheep.

So, in closing, the expiration of the Patriot Act didn’t mean much of anything.  It was just another opportunity for “well-meaning” rich men in positions of power to persuade Americans that giving up freedom equals safety and security.