Raw Dashcam of Dylann Roof’s Arrest in Shelby, North Carolina Released to Public — Cordial Cops?

You would think a suspected mass murderer that had just killed nine people would definitely be a candidate for a felony stop when police get an idea of where he is, right? You would expect guns drawn, cops everywhere, and someone with a bullhorn making him go through the whole procedure. Take the keys and drop them out of the car so you can’t take off or run over anyone. Get out of the car, turn around so they can make sure he doesn’t have a weapon before a cop just walks up to the door to get potentially butchered. Nope, these cops acted like Dylann Roof was wanted for unpaid traffic tickets in this now released raw video of his arrest by the Shelby Police in North Carolina.
There are two reasons this video is being released. One is to incite even more anger. African Americans are pissed when they watch this video and see the cordial way Roof was taken into custody after committing a historic atrocity. Many will say that if Roof were a black man, the arrest would have looked a lot different. So, by releasing a video that basically serves no purpose otherwise, the government is making sure that the fire is stoked and has no chance of burning out anytime soon. Incidentally, it also fits another theory. If this arrest were staged because the entire Charleston incident is fictional, then this video being released would still serve all the purposes above and more. So, from a conspiracy standpoint, many will point to this video as just more evidence that something isn’t quite right about the official story of Charleston. What do you think? Was this just an example of some smalltown cops not ready for the big fish they caught? Or is there more to the story? Is this how you would arrest a mass murderer?