Gun Control in the United Kingdom So Successful That Now They are Calling For Knife Control

In a startlingly vivid example of what so many American gun control opponents say will happen, Great Britain is now begging citizens to give up their knives.  See, after full-on gun control legislation was

Come on, now.  Do the right thing.
Come on, now. Do the right thing.

placed into effect, they did indeed see huge reductions in gun-related offenses.  These statistics are often used in gun control debates as supporting gun control, but as is so often the case, they only tell one side of the story.  In reality, Britain has been dealing with a huge onslaught of “knife violence” ever since guns were basically outlawed.  As you might imagine, the liberal wing of the British government is now asking for knife control legislation, and all over Britain there are bins asking people to “surrender your knife, save a life.”

It seems that perhaps there are just bad people in the world and you can’t stop them from acting out.  However, there is a point here for gun control supporters.  You can make the argument that some of these knife incidents could have been a lot worse if they had been armed with a gun instead.  So, maybe there is something to that frequent argument, but it seems that it only starts a slippery slope of always working to outlaw the next thing that bad people use to do bad things.