Dylann Roof’s Black Friend Says He Definitely Was Not Racist — The Plot Thickens

Common Sense Conspiracy purposely avoided this topic in the aftermath of the shootings because there was so much disinformation going around (mostly distributed by everyone’s best friend, the mainstream media) that it was impossible to determine what was truth and what was fiction.  The story of how Dylann Roof invaded a black church in Charleston, South Carolina and ruthlessly mowed down nine people worshipping has had all the effects that one would expect.

So far, we’ve had President Obama and many Democratic lawmakers call once again for progress on gun control laws.  Once again, people all over America were divided along racial, political, and religious lines.  Some extreme African Americans used the opportunity to show that all white people are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from going nuts and acting on their deep-rooted desires to kill all the black people that they can.  Extreme white Americans used the opportunity to either forward a gun control agenda, or vehemently deny that any such legislation is needed.  What’s more, atheists used the opportunity to jump on religion, asking the really inappropriately timed question “Where was you God?”  This was all expected, and whether the event was just as the official story is being told or not, all of these things would have still happened.  Where it gets interesting is when you start looking beyond the immediate facts and finding out more of what is going on behind the scenes.  Incidentally, this is the stuff you will not see the mainstream media reporting at all.

Case in point is the interview in the video below.  Two friends of Dylann Roof were interviewed by local news media.  One was white; one was black.  They both expressed complete surprise at what Roof had done and the black man insisted that Dylann was not racist, had never said or done anything racist in his presence, and in fact, that he must have been totally out of his mind to have done this because it did not resemble the person they knew at all.  If you watch the video, the black fellow’s interview really tells a story.  His words are one thing, but the way he says it shows that he clearly thinks that something is not right about all of this.

Is it possible that Roof cleverly sucked in black friends to cover his tracks as he plotted this massacre?  Absolutely it’s possible.  Funny thing though.  Roof had tons of black friends on his Facebook, and these photos that the mainstream media is showing nonstop all were supposedly posted there previously.  Could his black friends see these photographs?  Why did no one take him to task for his apparent allegiances?  Did he systematically block it so that all of his black friends couldn’t see his racist tirades?  Possible yes.  But it would make a lot more sense if someone out there when interviewed said “Yeah, I knew he was a racist and I’m not surprised.”

Funny, you don’t see many people coming to the table with that, do you?

Is this a massive conspiracy?  We are nowhere near being able to make such a declaration and probably will not ever be.  But is there already some reasons to question the official story?  You betcha.


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