Does the $50 Bill Foretell the Destruction of the Hoover Dam? False Flag of All False Flags?

In conspiracy circles, the Hoover Dam has long held plenty of theorists’ attention. The average person may not realize just what a big deal this is. The trillions of gallons of water the Hoover Dam tames could wreak havoc on not just the surrounding area, but the entire nation. So much electricity is created, so much irrigation water, and so much flooding is prevented by this awesome concrete structure that is 700 feet thick. The idea of a terrorist attack or false flag operation somehow unleashing that water is a popular theory that is discussed over and over again on conspiracy forums. However, it got a little creepier when it was discovered that the destruction of the Hoover Dam may be foretold on the $50 bill of American currency.
If you know your conspiracy facts, you probably remember the whole two towers being destroyed on another popular United States’ currency note. Well, the same people that came up with that have brought this one on, and the theory is that if you fold the $50 bill a certain way (incidentally a pentagram) the Hoover Dam is shown with four obelisks around it touting the legendary 11-11 symbology. Was this intentional? Who knows? There’s no way anyone is ever going to find out for sure. It does look like the Hoover Dam.
While this is a little creepy, let’s take a common sense look at it and ask a simple question. Is a terrorist attack (staged or otherwise) on the Hoover Dam even possible? The experts have weighed in and almost everyone agrees that not even a nuclear attack would be likely to infiltrate 700 feet of concrete. So, if you believe what the “experts” say, there is no way it is even possible. And if you are thinking September 11, a plane flying into the Hoover Dam wouldn’t even matter. It would be structurally insignificant. So, even if this is a message of sorts, it’s hard to believe that the Hoover Dam will ever be destroyed without a great unified intentional effort by the United States government. But it is weird, isn’t it?