Dallas Police Attack and Jade Helm — Connection? Trains with Shackles?

The media is portraying the attack on Dallas’ Police headquarters today as an enraged father on the warpath. However, with Dallas coincidental closeness to the Jade Helm conspiracy theories going around, there were plenty of people out there wondering if there isn’t more to the story. As of right now, there is no clear connection between the two. Most people believe that Jade Helm is a training exercise for a martial law takeover that is imminent. If the attack today was somehow connected, one would think that Jade Helm would have been mobilized as some sort of test. The attack caused plenty of disturbance, but there was no martial law declaration or anything like that. So it seems that there’s no reason thus far to suspect that this was anything more than the media says it is. However, as more information rolls in, Common Sense Conspiracy will keep you posted if anything happens to indicate otherwise.
In the meantime, speaking of Jade Helm, a Texas Ranger has now come forward saying that Jade Helm had buses and trains with built-in shackles. Just ordinary things the military needs for its training exercises, right?