CNN Anchor Fredricka Whitfield Calls Dallas Gunman’s Attack “Courageous and Brave”

Okay, so she threw in crazy as well. Nonetheless, it seems a little odd that an anchor on a major mainstream media news station would refer to the attack on the Dallas Police Headquarters as “courageous and brave.” It’s one of those things where you think surely someone must be taking this out of context, but, nope, folks, that’s what the woman said. We won’t even get into her Ms. Whitfield’s race and the sentiment that perhaps African Americans applaud an attack on police at this stage in our nation. Let’s hope that’s not true, and that Fredricka just used a really bad phrase to describe the situation. But there are plenty of people crying foul.
It only seems fair, given how much time CNN has spent demonizing police that they would be happy to see something like this happen. But then, maybe the police needed demonizing. What do you think?