Bright, White Spots on Ceres Causing Mass Speculation — What are They Not Telling Us?

Ceres is called a dwarf planet and hangs out with Pluto in the far reaches of our solar system. Now, NASA is releasing high-definition images of Ceres taken at very close distances. These images are literally making history. The Dawn spacecraft is getting closer to Ceres than any craft has been before, so each new image is the best image of Ceres we have ever had. As the images have been released to the public, much speculation has surrounded some mysterious bright, white spots on the surface of Ceres. They are very bright indeed and completely unusual as compared to the rest of the landscape.
Scientists are just as puzzled as the general public. It has been suggested that it could be light reflecting off ice, but why is it just two isolated spots? Why wouldn’t there we spots like this all over the surface, or at least in another area? Others have suggested it could be a volcano eruption on the surface or even a geyser? Of course, enterprising conspiracy theorists have other ideas as to what the spots might be.
We at Common Sense Conspiracy always like to point out a few facts when something like this comes up. First of all, it’s not like NASA didn’t know what these images would stir up. They were well aware that there would be those out there that would think the bright spots were more than just a natural mystery. So, don’t think anyone is scooping them here. The images were released very much on purpose. It could be that NASA wants to continue to share with the public its discoveries, and the mystery on Ceres is just interesting, nothing more and nothing less. Others believe this is being released because it is a precursor to more disclosures to come later. There is a whole huge conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is going to become the next American President and part of her presidency is disclosure that we are not alone in the universe. However, that theory is quite a stretch and very sparse on evidence. In any case, the spots on Ceres are alluring, and many will continue to debate what they may or may not be.