The Charlie Challenge — Illuminati Indoctrination, Demon Interaction, or Meaningless Silly Game?

No way you haven’t heard about this one already.  This is one of those perfect storm kind of things in the world.  Everyone is talking about it.  And as is all too common with these sorts of things, it’s ruffling feathers of people in ways you might not have even expected.

You see it.  There it is.  Case closed, right?
You see it. There it is. Case closed, right?

We are, of course, talking about the Charlie Challenge, a really silly “game” where children of all ages are encouraged to take a piece of paper, divide it into squares that say yes and no, and then sit two pencils on top as a makeshift spinner.  Sounds innocent enough, right?  The exciting (and controversial) part is that after making an incantation asking for the provocative demon “Charlie” to get involved, the pencils move under their own power, supposedly pointing to the answer to simple yes or no questions posed to the demon.

It’s stupid, and there is a very simple explanation as shown in the video below.  It’s a simple case of physics.  The way the pencils are placed, it is inevitable that they will move.  And even the slightest vibration around them can make them move in the precarious situation that they are in.  One way to make them move almost certainly is to join hands with friends around them and mumble incantations to an imaginary demon.  So, while it is interesting and perhaps even fun, there really isn’t anything supernatural about the Charlie Challenge, and it is unlikely that anyone is doing themselves any real harm by taking part in it.  Yet, the Challenge is causing all sorts of controversy.  Religious groups are warning against all of the long-term damage that opening up a consultation with a demon spirit can cause, plaguing victims all the way through adulthood.  And still others are trying to say that the Illuminati is using the Charlie Challenge as a way to get through to youngsters.  This is the one we at Common Sense Conspiracy are being asked about.  You see, the board for the Charlie Challenge forms two triangles pointing to the center if you look at it just right, and some say that this is obviously some Illuminati ouija board that leads to enlightenment.    But when it’s all said and done, it looks like there really isn’t much else to the Charlie Challenge but the latest incarnation of party games for kids being kids.