Mainstream Media Working Overtime to Dispel Jade Helm 15 Conspiracy Theories

The Jade Helm 15 military exercise going on in Texas has generated plenty of conspiracy theories. The biggest one (and incidentally the most probably) revolves around the idea that the government/military is organizing and training a huge force to enforce martial law in seven (yes the theory has even narrowed it down to one number) states in the Southwestern United States. Now, the fears of a martial law takeover are nothing new in conspiracy circles, and there have been several events in recent years that have sparked conspiracy theorists belief that the government might be instituting martial law in small isolated incidents as a kind of beta test. If that is true, then Jade Helm 15 is the rolling out of Martial Law 1.0, and many people believe that there has to be something to it.
The mainstream media, however, is working overtime trying to make anyone that thinks there is anything strange about Jade Helm 15 into a conspiracy nutcase. Almost every major news outlet has released some sort of story dispelling conspiracy theories about Jade Helm 15, and every major Internet outlet has published a story as well. We’re not talking about a little blurb-like news story mentioning these exercises are taking place. We’re talking about stories that actually take straight aim at conspiracy theorists. We’ve written about this relatively new phenomenon before here at Common Sense Conspiracy. Until just the last couple of years, conspiracy theories were completely ignored by the mainstream media, regardless of how much steam they may have gathered. Here lately, the mainstream media has changed tactics (probably at the government’s beckoning), engaging conspiracy theories straight on and acknowledging them even as they tear them down with “facts” and “experts.”
Here’s the problem with the government and mainstream media’s “taking down” of the Jade Helm 15 theories: they don’t offer up an opposing rational explanation. The government says that this is a large-scale training exercise for soldiers headed to Afghanistan. Well, that’s kinda scary since the war in Afghanistan is supposed to be over, not ramping up for a new offensive. If they want to calm down people that think there is something a little troubling about Jade Helm 15, they could start by giving a reason publicly that makes sense. But the mainstream media doesn’t have to make sense. By going with their tried-and-true tactic of making out anyone that has any kind of thought that is not directly in line with their agenda into a full-on, certifiable nutcase, they can simply throw stones with little fear of retribution.