Whoops! 72-Year-Old Deputy Shoots Unarmed Black Man Thinking It Was a Taser — Uh Oh…A Whole New Kind of Discrimination!

The video below is straight from sunglass cameras of police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The suspect allegedly tried to sell an illegally-obtained firearm to a police officer (which is a highly suspicious story, since everyone knows from President Barack Obama’s gun control plans that bad people cannot possibly procure a firearm illegally). After running and getting the full multi-car treatment, the man was down for the count but still resisting when a 72-year-old reserve sheriff’s deputy shot him. He even immediately acknowledged it in the video, saying “Sorry. I shot him.” He meant to use his taser on the subject, but instead fired his handgun. A simple senile mistake, right?
As you might imagine, the incident is already polarizing the nation once again. After all, it’s another unarmed black male and another white police officer. Another tale of “I didn’t mean to.” Another epic mistreatment. But another reaction is taking place that no one even thought. People are saying why would a 72-year-old man even be out in the field making an arrest like this in the first place?
Oh wow… is that age discrimination we hear? Is that age discrimination’s liberty bells ringing? But how does PC America decide which discrimination is the most important? Is it the black guy that got shot while running and resisting the police after committing a felony? Or is it the 72-year-old deputy that got a bit confused and shot him while he was on the ground, thinking he had his taser out?
It’s your America. This is the politically correct, overly litigious America we all contributed in building. So what do you think? We’ve got a clear case of racial discrimination, age discrimination, and possibly a hate crime here? What do you think? Should the 72-year-old fry? Should the innocent but running from the police black guy go free? So many decisions?