Who is the Man That Killed Himself at the Capitol Building — Mainstream Media Mum on West Front Suicide

The United States’ Capitol Building was put on lockdown for a short time Saturday after a man apparently committed suicide with a single shot on the west front of the building. There were witnesses that said he simply shot himself and that was that. The mainstream media isn’t revealing much of any information and authorities claim that they have not identified the man. There was a backpack in the man’s possession that caused a full bomb demolition treatment, but it turned out to be nothing. Authorities have only said that there was only one gun, one shot, and no ties to terrorism. There is some chatter out there that the man had some sort of sign about social justice, but there is not enough information at this time to really figure out what it’s all about.
Common Sense Conspiracy is monitoring this situation and will elaborate as more information becomes available. More importantly, we will continue to ask questions when the mainstream media tries to act like this never happened over the next few days. Stay tuned.