Wal-Mart Stores Around the Nation Shutting Down for Six Months for “Plumbing Issues” — Conspiracy?

Speculation is running wild with the announcement that several Wal-Mart stores around the United States are shutting down either permanently or for six months or more due to “plumbing issues.”  The shutdowns have no rhyme or reason and are not limited to any particular region, leading many to believe that there is some sort of conspiracy at work here.  It is obviously not possible that all of these Wal-Marts are suffering from the same plumbing issues unless they were all constructed the same way at the same time with the same design flaw.  A more likely theory is that the plumbing excuse is a cover for a real problem with their merchandise that is shipped all over.  The theories are out of control, with some people even talking about “radioactive food” being sold in Wal-Mart stores.  What do you think is going on with these Wal-Mart stores?   Conspiracy or major issues?