Freddie Gray So Far Not Connected to Freemasons, As Were Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin

Believe it or not, there are many conspiracy theories circulating that involve the fact that the fathers of both Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were high-degree Freemasons.  These two guys were unarmed African American teenagers killed by police that sparked much outrage all over the nation.  In any case, with the latest incident, Freddie Gray, now causing mass hysteria in Baltimore, many of our readers are wondering if Freddie too had some connection to Freemasons or anything Illuminati-ish.  The answer right now is that no one has made that connection.  Thus far, not even the most liberal conspiracy theorists are trying to put Freddie Gray in that company.  However, one of our most flamboyant theorists does include Freddie Gray in a long list of things happening this week that mean that we are in the midst of the Bible’s Revelations’ depiction of the endtimes.  Enjoy.