Why the Debates Over “Religious Freedom” Bills are Totally Bonkers — On Both Sides!

This law in Indiana labelled as “religious freedom” has a lot panties in a wad all over America, from both sides of the political spectrum.  For many conservatives and Christians, it represents a law that gives them the right to not be forced to participate in activities that are against their religious beliefs by the government.  For everyone else, it is simply a law making it legal for people to use religion as a valid reason for discrimination.  Common Sense Conspiracy wants to break down why these laws are not really important, nor are they worth much more than the reams of paper they are being written on in dozens of states around the country.

Indiana-religious-freedomFirst things first, let’s think about what the law supposedly provides.  While the law doesn’t state this religion or that religion, the example that most people think of here is a business run by Christians refusing to serve gay people due to religious grounds.  As you probably already know, most Christian denominations view homosexuality as a grave sin and the concept of gay marriage a complete miscarriage of justice when it comes to keeping with the word of God as they perceive it.  So, if you had a business making wedding cakes and you were a Christian, the law supposedly allows you to not bake a wedding cake for a gay marriage because it violates your beliefs.  Well, this is actually America, and here’s a shocking piece of news:  Christians already had that right.  Any business in America has the right to refuse service to anyone at all.

That’s right.  The religious freedom laws are redundant; they secure a right that business owners already have.  If a drunk person comes wandering into your establishment, you can refuse to serve them.  If a person that slept with your wife comes into your establishment, you can refuse to serve them.  And if you have a blood-death vendetta against gay people, well you can refuse to serve them.

But wait… you do have a right to refuse service, but not in a way that discriminates.  Well, that’s stupid.  Think about it.  Anytime you refuse anyone service for any reason at all, it is discrimination.  If you refused service to them because they were wearing a green parka, you discriminated against people that like to wear green parkas.  So, no you really can refuse to serve anyone for any reason.  The discrimination is kind of built in.

So, regardless of how you feel about religious freedom laws, they did not give any person in this country anymore latitude than they already had.  More importantly, it’s a pretty bill for conservatives to put on ballots to convince their mostly Christian bases that they are looking out for them by passing laws that are meaningless.  Meanwhile, liberals and gays are heavily protesting this law because it will open the door to discrimination…and yet that door was already wide open.  But it’s just as silly to think that these religious freedom laws will cause any more discrimination than already exists.  That’s simply not possible.  People will continue to do what they want to do.

But there is another reason for these laws.  It’s division.  The government loves to keep America bitterly divided.  We have watched as President Barack Obama spent two terms in office bitterly dividing whites and blacks in America, setting race relations back fifty years.  These religious freedom laws serve the same purpose.  For the government it doesn’t matter if it’s race, religion, or sexuality that is keeping everyone busy hating each other just as long as they are all hating each other.  Just as long as everyone stays divided.  Just as long as everyone believes that the other side is the problem.  The government’s worst nightmare is for blacks and whites to come together and realize the real problem in America.  The government’s worse nightmare is gay people and straight people to stop worrying about who is sleeping with who and suddenly point the finger at what is really wrong in America.  There is nothing that makes the government drip sweat at night more than the thought of atheists and Christians co-existing peacefully with each other, and then realizing what the real problem in America is.

Do you know what the real problem in America is?