President Obama Says Voting Should be Mandatory — Is That the Bells of Freedom We Hear?

Well, with the dissolution of the Democratic hold on the Senate, President Barack Obama opened up this year in a sea of irrelevancy for the last leg of his final term as President of the United States.  Although he is making plenty of splashes with vetoes and threats of executive orders, his agenda is mostly being quashed by a completely Republican-controlled Congress.  So, like many lame duck Presidents before him, Obama has taken to going around the country trying to take credit for anything good that he might be able to sell and talking about increasingly more bizarre things as his roller coaster eight years heads toward its end.

I said vote!  Now!  Don't backtalk me!
I said vote! Now! Don’t backtalk me!

One of those things came yesterday when the Prez started talking about mandatory voting.  A lot of people are talking about this today.  There are a couple of things we want to explain to you right off the bat.  Most importantly, there is absolutely no chance of mandatory voting becoming law in the United States.  For one reason, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to enforce.  Secondly, politically, one party or the other will always oppose it because one party always benefits from more people voting and one party obviously doesn’t benefit.  Kinda goes with the whole faux two-party system thing.  In the current climate, Republicans would not benefit from more people voting because a large percentage of Americans that don’t vote are poorer and less educated.  And those people, if they did vote, would almost definitely vote for the Democrats.  We say “in this climate” because these things invariably change.  Watch.  A decade or two down the road, the Republicans will be rallying people to vote and the Democrats will be trying to stop it.  If you don’t think so, remember that that guy that stood in the schoolhouse door because he didn’t want to let the black people integrate the University of Alabama was a Democrat.  And that legendary president that freed the slaves…yeah he was a Republican.  It goes back and forth, and it will again.  But for now, yes, the Republicans would never allow mandatory voting as long as they have enough of a majority to block it.

The point:  this is not a real issue, only some ridiculousness that a lame duck president is tossing about that even he knows is not going to happen.  But what if it did?  Well, isn’t it ironic that a nation that prides itself on freedom would think about coercing its people to vote?  Crazy talk, right?  Like forcing its people to get health care insurance whether they can afford it or not?  Hmm.  Do we see a theme here?

Truthfully, mandatory voting would be a terrible injustice because it would force people that realize that the choices being put on these ballots are not real choices and do not represent the best interests of America.  Unless they always allow a “none of the above” vote on every election, this would force a lot of people to participate in a system that they prefer to sit on the sidelines with now.  What do you think?  Is mandatory voting something that you think would help or hurt America?  Would it bring Americans closer together or tear them further apart?  And is it fair to make people vote when the two-party system is really only a one-party system in reality?

Oh yeah, and just a day later, President Obama, amidst political backlash, is already going back on his statements.  It’s like election year is here early.

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  1. and if you are dead and or mexican you must vote more than once and if it’s not for the right candidate you get deproted or dead

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