Jaden Smith is a Strange Dude, But He Did Not Start a Fashion Line Named 666

Just a heads up about this hoax.  A lot of people are really getting upset about the son of famous actor Will Smith, Jaden, starting a line of clothing called 666 and saying that it was inspired by God and he is in fact a prophet.  The story originated in a publication as an Onion-like fake news story that got passed around, doctored up, and then eventually sent on the social media hamster wheel as real news.  It’s not.  Jaden Smith has done some strange things in his days that probably have a lot to do with why people were so inclined to believe this, but it’s just not true.  Keep in mind that Will Smith and his family are famously member of the Church of Scientology, which doesn’t spend a lot of time on things like God and prophets, so it would be quite strange indeed if Jaden were referencing such things.